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Pregnancy & Postnatal Nutrition: Top 10 Healthy Fats

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Avocado, Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Nuts, Chia seeds, Fatty Fish, Extra Virgin olive oil, Coconuts and coconut oil, Full fat yoghurt and dark chocolate.

Healthy full fat food has so many benefits for us. They are full of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the health and function of our bodies. From brain function to heart health, to gut health, immunity, wound healing, anti-inflammatory’s, cell function, energy, muscle repair, cell growth, fluid regulation, blood glucose regulation, bone health, nerve function, stress regulation, anxiety and depression, protection against disease and so much more! Many essential for postnatal recovery, healthy pregnancy and hormonal health.

Reduced fat alternatives tend to be full of sugar and chemical additives bad for our health and weight gain, lacking in the essential nutrients we need.

Obviously everything in moderation!

AVOCADO is the best source of potassium, outranking bananas. High in fibre. Can lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Effective in weight loss diets.

CHEESE full of calcium, Vit B12, phospherous, selenium, protein and fatty acids which reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

EGGS loaded with vitamins and minerals (vit D and calcium included). One of the most nutrient dense foods. Contains Choline for brain health. High in protein. Perfect to start the day!

FATTY FISH salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines. Full of Omega 3 fatty acids help with dementia, depression and heart health. Rich in Vit D. If you don’t like fish it is highly recommended to take a supplement such as cod liver oil capsules.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Full of Vit E and K. Antioxidents. Fights inflammation, reduces BP, improves cholesterol and cardio vascular health.

NUTS Fibre, protein, Vit E and magnesium. Reduce rates of obesity, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

CHIA SEEDS Fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids, anti- inflamatories, minerals. Protein. Help lower BP.

COCONUTS AND COCONUT OIL Medium chain fatty acids. Is metabolised differently going straight to the liver, turned into ketone bodies. Boosts metabolism and supresses appetite. Helps Alzeimers and losing belly fat.

Here is an easy peasy granola recipe

DARK CHOCOLATE 70% or higher. Rich in fibre. Contains 50 % RDA of iron. Magnesium, manganese and copper. High in ani-oxidents, outranking blueberries. Can help lower BP and reduce heart disease risk. Improves brain function and can protect the skin from UV damage.

FULL FAT YOGHURT Great probiotic bacteria. Excellent for digestive health, fights heart disease and obesity. Really important to eat full fat version as this is full of all the nutrients you need and reduced fat yoghurts are full of added sugars and chemical additives that are bad for our health.

I love Greek yoghurt with berries, seeds and maple syrup on healthy pancakes for a weekend treat breakfast

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