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Holistic Core Restore®

Do you need help recovering from a c-section, diastasis or pelvic floor dysfunction?  Would you like a deeper more personalised, bespoke postnatal recovery programme with nutrition, lifestyle and massage as essential keys to seeing results?


Are you experiencing any degree of 'oops' moments when you cough, sneeze, jump, run or pick up the shopping? Do you have a weak core, split tummy muscles or back pain as result of these?


Then Holistic Core Restore ® is for you.

Holistic Core Restore®

Every Woman 2.0


Holistic Core Restore®



Holistic Core Restore®

C-Section Recovery

hcr-c-section (1).jpg


However long ago you had your children and whatever age you are, once postnatal always postnatal. 


Programs are run 1:1 with some available as small group classes a few times a year.


You can click on the links in the drop down menu for more info on each program.


Drop me a message for a chat,


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