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I am a former midwife with a passion for health and well being and have 2 young children of my own. I am from South Africa and love being in the outdoors.


I trained and worked as a midwife in Edinburgh, married an Englishman and the rest is history!


As a midwife I saw the positive impact and difference for women that exercise and good nutrition made through their whole journey of going through pregnancy, coping in labour and postnatal recovery as well as in my own journey. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. 


My vision is for women to enjoy exercise that is appropriate for pregnancy and post birth, restoring and strengthening their bodies and very importantly taking care of your core and pelvic floor health. Seeing women significantly reduce and relieve the symptoms that can come with pregnancy and the changes in their bodies, how ever long ago since they had their baby/babies.

At the heart of my business my desire is to see women connect with one another and encourage one another in their journey, building new friendships. Having that support network through pregnancy and those early days, especially as a new mum, makes all the difference in your emotional and mental well being. Someone to get out for fresh air and a brisk walk with and a good old natter can do wonders :).

While pregnant I couldn’t find suitable exercise provision for pregnancy or as a new mum. My dream started right there with a goal to provide this for the women I serve and see women flourish

Your body goes through huge changes during pregnancy and postnatally, your body is different and I want women to embrace that, celebrate that and see it flourish through that. 


I’ve always had a passion for good nutrition and it's benefits to our well being and mood. Through my own pregnancy and postnatal journeys and developing intolerances I have worked hard researching and experimenting to find wholesome foods that work for my body. Very importantly that work for us as a family, 2 kids who are fussy eaters with allergies and determination to cook one meal for everyone!  I feel it is important to enjoy food and for food prep to be practical and work around your family.

I started my journey qualifying to provide exercise and nutrition for pregnant and postnatal mum's  by gaining my Level 2 gym instructor certificate, Level 3 pre and postnatal exercise provider certificate, circuits instructor certificate, nutrition in pregnancy and postnatal certificate and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.


I am now a Holistic Core Restore® coach providing recovery and strength programs for women through all life phases and qualified in training provided by Burrell Education, leaders in Women's Wellness. I am qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist to provide massage therapy to enhance your recovery too.

As well as pregnancy and postnatal remedial massage therapy and scar therapy massage to bring relief to aches and pains, improve healing and movement and soothe your nervous system.





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