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What is Scar Massage Therapy?

There is so much more under those deep layers that we do not see on the surface.

Did you know that adhesions form, ‘stuck’, areas, under the surface layer of your skin where you have had surgery (c-section, hysterectomy, appendicitis) laparoscopies, hysteroscopy or other trauma to the skin as it heals?

Tissues within your body stick/adhere to other surfaces and develop as the body repairs itself.

Scar massage helps to get these tissues ‘unstuck’, create movement and soften and release that tension.

We need to get blood flow, hydration and nutrients to those tissues to allow them to move and heal.

SCARS CHANGE AND DEVELOP OVER TIME! ALL WOMEN NEED AFTER-CARE WAY BEYOND YOUR SURGERY! Scars can be part of your pelvic pain, back pain, discomfort after exercise puzzle. They can also negatively impact sexual function and fertility....and sometimes, huge differences can be made to how you feel and function in a matter of minutes.

Spending time on gently and slowly softening and creating movement and flexibility will help you to unfurl. Feeling/palpating where and what tension I feel under your skin gives clues as to where those tissues are stuck and be able to start to work on releasing them. They may not even be near your scar but are affected by your scar and those underlying adhesions.

Working on and around your scar might bring release to tight hips and quads. Working on your breathing and tension in your ribs, tummy, or back compliment gentle massage work around your scar to feel you can stand tall again.

It is more than just the area of your scar.

A scar massage session will consist of listening, feeling and gentle, slow massage techniques, tissue release, improving breathing and using a massage tool. It might also consist of assisted stretches and I’ll teach you valuable self-massage to use at home.

Book in with me, by contacting me, to give your scar some TLC and feel and move better.

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