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Posture in Pregnancy

The weight of your growing baby and changes in your body through pregnancy have an impact on your posture. Rounded shoulders and tension in your neck and shoulders.

When you have had a baby the same is true. Think of how you sit when you are feeding, nappy changing, lifting, playing with toddlers, your posture when you are sleep deprived.

These stretches are for your neck, chest and shoulders to help you to uncurl and relieve tension and help you to readjust to a healthy posture.

Give yourself a posture check😊. Do you need to tuck in your bottom to a more neutral position?

Stand tall, think of your posture. Maybe stand in front of a mirror the first couple of times to get a feel for what a good posture feels like.

Are your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles all in line? Think of string pulling you up from your head or your tummy button, Stretching to stand nice and tall. Relax your tummy muscles and pelvic floor.

Pelvic tilts: Keeping your hips stable, curl your pelvis forward and relax it back to neutral. Repeat 5 to 10. If stand against a wall think of curling your pelvis forward till your back is flat against the wall and then relax, feeling the space between your lower back and the wall. Great for activating your pelvic floor and tummy muscles gently, sub consciously and giving your lower back a little stretch, relieving lower back pain.

Stand with your feet hip width apart, look straight ahead, roll your shoulders back, stand tall, be aware of your posture. Stretch your hands to the ceiling, drawing your elbows close to your ears, place one hand on top of the other, hold for 30 seconds.

Bring your arms down and behind your back. Place one hand on the other and push your shoulders back, looking straight ahead, feel the stretch across your chest.

Neck Stretch: Relax your arms at your side, be aware of your posture, look straight ahead. Drop your head to the right, keeping your shoulders relaxed. Hold for 10 sec, return to the centre and then drop your head to the left, hold for 10 seconds. Repeat. Easy to do while at work or anywhere as you go about your day!

If you have a theraband/pilates band (affordable and easy to purchase online). Keep it somewhere handy, like next to the kettle or next to your bed. Do a few band revolutions, see video whenever you see it and have a minute waiting for the kettle to boil or as soon as you've gotten out of bed.

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