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Diastasis Recti/ Tummy Gap

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

What is diastasis?

Diastasis is separation of your rectus abdominus muscles, which are your tummy muscles that run from your ribs down to your pubic bone and loss of tension in the connective tissue that runs down the midline, called your linea alba. There is stretching and loss of tension of the connective tissue (your linea alba) and stretching and weakening of your tummy muscles.

Some ladies after having a baby have a quicker recovery of their abdominal muscles and the connective tissue, some don’t and need extra support.

Healing diastasis/tummy gap is a whole body issue. Not just exercise, not just your tummy and not just about the gap. It’s about nutrition, hydration, breathing and your diaphragm, postural alignment and pelvic floor function.

When your body is recovering from the stretching and the extra load of pregnancy🤰 they start to shorten and strengthen 💪and regain/improve their function in supporting your body and the load you put on it in everyday movement of life again. 🏋️‍♀‍The linea alba needs to regain it’s tension to support you in carrying load and managing pressure internally (like the pressure that occurs when coughing and sneezing and lifting eg: picking up your shopping, lifting baby etc)👶. Cell renewal and repair.

We recruit (use) and connect those muscles along with your pelvic floor, back and diaphragm.

They have to all be functioning well together, responding to the commands 🗣we place on them before we can go to strengthening them. Brain, body connection 👩‍💻– neuromuscular connection. So it is important to focus on breathing, function and brain/body connection in everyday movement.

Our connective tissues need good hydration and nutrition to heal too🥦.🍳🥛. Stress management, sleep, posture and releasing tight muscles all play important roles too.

Therefore it is so important to do postnatal specific🤱 exercise after having your baby first before progressing. Give your body time to heal!!! You’ve had a baby!👶. Think of how much your body has had to change and adapt, the extra load that has been put on it and all the stretching it has needed to do.

Planks and crunches ARE NOT the right exercises and can put more stress on a diastasis whereas working with breathing, connecting to diaphragm and pelvic floor is the way.

If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor then our Diastasis Healing is the programme you’ve been waiting for.

Our programme has been tried and tested by thousands of women and received rave reviews and rave RESULTS. In Holistic Core Restore® our role is to deeply guide you in a process that will improve the way your belly looks, feels and works, rid yourself of backpain, reconnect to your Pelvic Floor so that you both FEEL and FUNCTION better. Overall, we’re in the business of ‘bringing you back home to your body’! Through nutrition, education and functional exercise.

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