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1st Birthday Celebration

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

A couple of weeks late but it's been a very busy start to the 2nd year of my business. Exciting new ventures, reaching new goals :)

I am so thankful to a lot of people who have helped and supported me getting to a year of running classes and so much more than that. What started out as a passion to provide correct and appropriate exercise and nutrition for mums and mums to be where they can flourish in their pregnancies and those early postnatal months and build community and support with one another, while still being at home with my own family has flourished into sooo much more.

My goals and vision have grown into so much more as I have worked with all of you and seen the results, wanting to provide much more for the women I come across and knowing that I can.

The highlights this year that have made me think, hooray, it's working and aren't these women amazing. The things that have made me so happy and know, this is what it's all about.

The first couple of classes being so quiet as no one knows anyone and then having to interrupt the chatter to get the class going :) Friendships formed where women truly support and encourage one another. Meeting up for walks together and inviting the newbie in the class to please join them. Organising to meet up for aquanatal classes and a cuppa. Putting out the bins for a mum who just had her baby (they didn't even know each other 6 weeks before that). Seeing those mums still meeting up and sharing the ups and downs of their journey together months down the line. This is what makes my heart sing!

Ladies coming to class with achy hips and knees and not sure they'll be able to keep up to unfurling into pain free movement with a new energy and enjoyment of their pregnancy. Watching women grow in confidence in their bodies and it's abilities. Seeing a mum to be come along who couldn't get her heels on the ground in a squat from tight muscles to weeks later having her heels on the ground in squats without even realising it. I could write a whole page!

You know when you know your stuff, you've worked and studied hard to be qualified in what you do but you still go in nervously, hoping to see results and then have that moment of, wow! it actually works, the theory actually works in practice. I love seeing women flourish!!

All of you who have been through my classes or 1:1 with me have been an inspiration, a joy and drive to be able to do more and provide more. I have loved having everyone of you as a part of my first year and you have truly built my confidence as I have seen you flourish and you have supported and shared my business. Thank you!!

I love every single message announcing the birth of a new baby and then meeting those gorgeous babies who are such a gift. As a midwife no matter how many 100's of babies I delivered every single one was just as amazing as the previous, just as tearfully joyous.

Now every women I serve, no matter how many is the same and I love seeing each and everyone flourish and being a part of celebrating the arrival of their baby. Not every journey is easy or straightforward and for some it is very traumatic, this is where that support from one another means even more.

Behind this I've built some lovely connections of services from other women to be a part of caring for you. Some of them include the lovely women's health Physio, Becky Corran from , Charlotte Heptinstall who has given some lovely pregnancy massages and advice, Julia Gover amazing chiropractor giving relief to hip pain and more.

When you have a team of amazing people around you and providers of great education, people who believe in you and what you are called to do it's amazing what happens. From a completely naive, clueless techy who couldn't run a business from an adminy, businessy point of view it has been a rollercoaster with massive inclines in a very steep learning curve. You wouldn't believe what I didn't even know about Facebook or what Instagram even was ;0. Many hours late into the night with my head in my books and tutors giving feedback.

We have some wonderful business owners in Northwich and Cheshire who have been amazing to meet up with and network with. Keep going with it!

Leigh Anne, who from day one is always there championing all my work. She taught me all about Facebook, took photos for me before I even started my classes. She keeps me on my toes with technology. She is my consistent supporter in the background.

My husband has been ever so patient and always believed in me when I didn't, Mr optimistic (I know this is sounding like some Oscars speech or something now but it really is the backbone of all you guys get today). Seeing to the kids, washing, ironing, typing, cooking etc. to help me have the time get studies done etc. Music playlists (not my forte but definitely my husbands and daughters) Always sorting out my computer problems (there are many). Ladies in his office at his work are amazing!!! From designing my logo for me from my rubbish drawings, to teaching me how to use Instagram in their lunch break (I am still learning and a novice), I am sooo grateful!! My kids who are ever so patient and getting used to mom having work on top of all their care and care of our home. (They come up with some cracking comments :)

SAFFA Moms UK Business Network are a group of incredible South African business women and mums who run their own businesses. Eloise Grobbelaar from who puts in so much time running this group and providing amazing resources for parents in parenting. Mums seriously check out her parenting business!!

They have been my backbone (a lot of names of some wonderful business moms, you know who you are) and still are. Any question, there is someone who can answer it. Giving time to do live calls to help with goal setting, accountability, understanding algorythms, accounts, practicing live videos in a safe space, challenging one another and drawing out each others strengths and building each others confidence and soooo much more. There supporting each others businesses as moms.

This is where I met the amazing Kelly Rabie of Umoya Photography (check out her gorgeous lifestyle photography) who taught me there was such a thing as branding photography and what it is and did my photographs for me, which you will start to see on here and other places. I also learnt what a hashtag was from her! Yes, I had no idea what a hashtag was :0.

Zunelle Heeley from Nova Grace Designs (she is on Etsy and ) and Yellow B Designs put together my website for me and enabled me to be able to continue editing it and evolving it as time goes on. She is an amazing inspiration to me. have a look at her gorgeous prints on Nova Grace and she's your women for designing flyers etc at Yellow B Designs.

Tea Staegemann is a very passionate women who draws out the passion in others and will do anything to help you get your passion out there!!! (The help behind me writing my 'ABOUT' page) She does amazing mentoring work with moms of tweens, if you are a mom of tweens take a look at her web page

Lastly but very important is . Leaders in providing women's health training. Truly amazing education and support. Jenny Burrell is incredibly passionate about serving women and serving women well. Before I even started my training to do what I do now my goal was to head straight to being Burrell Education trained to be able to serve you well. My continued training and updating and learning and growing in my business serving women is all underpinned by Burrell Education. I am absolutely loving all the indepth work and amazing support from a great bunch of people in women's health provision.

This brings me to the launch of a new course I am excited to offer going into year 2 !

Holistic Core Restore ®Every Women! Click on the tab 'Womens Wellness' on my web page to learn all about it and see if it's for you or someone you know.

Then watch this space for more indepth 1:1 Diastasis rehab coming soon in the new year as a part of Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis.

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