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Mother and Baby

The Online Postnatal Programme aims to restore your body's function postnatally and recovering from birth.  Strengthening, mobilising, releasing tension, preparing your body for motherhood, all in your own time when it suits you.

Taking care of your core and pelvic floor.


As a former midwife and a pregnancy and postnatal exercise and wellness specialist, I’ve put together my Postnatal Exercise Online programme just for you! Expertly guiding you through 6 weeks of progressive exercise.


 You can access it at a time that works for you without the stress of getting to a group or making it all the way through a class.


If you are concerned you may have diastasis or pelvic floor dysfunction drop me a message and I can book you in for a New Mum Postnatal Wellbeing Consultation first. Or book an appointment or Mummy MOT with a women's health physio near you.


When you sign up there is an introduction video to take you through how your pelvic floor, core, breath, posture and movement all work together.  Helping you understand how it all works so you can use good technique through the exercises and get the most benefit from them all in your own time at your own pace.


You can join as soon as you have been cleared fit for exercise from your 6 week check or 10-12 weeks post c/section.


Click on the button to sign up. You will receive a screening form to make sure it's right for you and I will contact you with the link  to access to the programme.

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